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“I have something concrete to contribute”

Season 4 of ‘The Voice – Norges beste stemme’ is well underway, with Morten as one of the four mentors. Here is a quick recap of the season so far.

Before the season began, TV2 shared a short video clip of Morten’s co-mentors talking about what it’s like to work with him:

Listen to what the other mentors have to say about Morten… #thevoicenorge @thevoicenorge #mortenharket

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The show aired each weeknight from August 21-25, and then on Wednesday and Friday of the following week. There was a press launch of the series in Oslo on August 22, which all four mentors attended: Lene Marlin, Morten Harket, Martin Danielle and Yosef Wolde-Mariam.

In an interview with VG, Morten says that “Norway is brimming with talent.” As for why he agreed to be a mentor? “The time was right to say yes […] I think I have something concrete to contribute,” he says.

As usual on the series, the blind auditions so far have been full of surprises, great talent and eager competition – among the mentors who strove to persuade their chosen singers to join their teams! At this point there are ten talents on Team Morten, you can watch their blind auditions by clicking the links below:

Episode 1 – Ingeborg Walther
Episode 2 – Elias Grimstad Salbu
Episode 3 – Maria Celin Strisland
Episode 4 – Lena Haarberg
Episode 5 – Egil Sverre Langnes and Jorunn Undheim
Episode 6 – Dina Sæle Ek and Ninja Krystad
Episode 7 – Jeremaya John and Anna Jæger

The series continues this fall on Wednesday and Friday each week. You can watch videos and read more detailed updates about the show on the web site or on their YouTube channel. You can also follow The Voice Norge on Facebook.

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