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‘Brother’ in the Media

Morten’s album “Brother” was released today in Norway, Germany, Austria and Switzerland; it will be released in the UK on Monday.

Below is a selection of album reviews, Morten’s radio and television appearances, and live performances over the last two weeks.

Audio and Video

NRK Studio 1 (Norway) – Video of Morten performing six songs at Studio 1

P4 Radio (Norway) – Audio interview (in Norwegian)

NRK P1 Nitimen (Norway) – Audio interview and ‘Do You Remember Me?’ acoustic performance

VGTV (Norway) – Video interview and acoustic performance of ‘Do You Remember Me?’ and ‘There Is A Place’

RTL Nord (Germany) – Video about a German fan meeting Morten || Photo Gallery

Sat 1 Regional (Germany) Video of Morten and a fan singing “Brother”

Regenbogen Interview (Germany) – Watch on YouTube || Photo Gallery

BBC – Gaby Roslin (UK) – Morten performs live and talks about his sixth solo album

BBC – Weekend Wogan (UK) – Morten talks with Terry Wogan about his new solo album

BBC – Sounds of the 80s (UK) – This program airs on April 19

Radio BR Bayern 3 ‘Hit Mix’ (Germany) – Audio interview Morten with Katja and Jürgen

Radio 7 (Germany) – Four part audio interview and a fan sings ‘Brother’ with Morten || Watch on YouTube

SWR1 Radio (Germany) – Audio interview and photos with Jochen Stöckle

SWR1 Radio (Germany) – Acoustic performance of ‘Brother’ and photo gallery

SWR3 Latenight (Germany) – Acoustic performance of ‘Brother’ (watch from 25:00)

Album Reviews and Release Day Press

Dagens Næringsliv – Sommerfugleffekten

Dagbladet – Inspirert av radikal muslim

This article is about the inspiration for ‘Brother’ (‘The song is about understanding the significance of differences between us humans’), how Morten takes care of his voice (‘I can’t afford to get sick. I frequently stay at the hotel and I am very aware of the air conditioning system.’) and his collaboration with Peter Kvint (‘The most important thing in the process is to be quiet. To learn to shut up. Because you’re not looking for a great song, but a tiny little song.’).

Dagsavisen – En sang med radikal fortid

About life after a-ha: “For me, opened the door to a free, open terrain. As long as we had a-ha, the group was the priority. Everything else was pushed aside. To ride two horses is difficult to do. I have tried and it is not for me.”

Budstikka – Morten Harket jakter fortsatt

“The reason why [‘Brother’] was chosen as the title track was that it was the one we wrote first, and it was the one that basically set the tone for what was to be an album.”

Aftenposten – Fri fra «a-ha-støyen»

“For me, this album was an incredible process.”

Aftenposten (5/6) – «Endelig har Morten Harket fått ut sitt potensial som soloartist».

“Finally, Morten Harket has reached his potential as a solo artist.”

About the song “Brother”: “Its wistful melancholy, naked sensibility and timeless reflection on the concept of identity, sets the standard [for the album].”

Ostlendingen (5/6) – Harkets hittil beste

Bergensavisen (4/6) – «Fremgang, men litt for ujevnt»

Standout tracks: “Whispering Heart,” “There Is A Place” and “First Man To The Grave”.

Bergens Tidende (4/6) – Kunsten å være Morten Harket

‘The art of being Morten Harket’

Drammens Tidende (4/6) – Vakker popmusikk fra Sætre

In addition to “Brother”, the reviewer says “The next four songs are among the most captivating Harket has released since “Wild Seed”. We’re talking about potential radio hits here: “Do You Remember Me?”, “Safe With Me,” “Whispering Heart” and “Heaven Cast”. This is captivating, elegant, well-produced and catchy pop.”

VG (3/6) – Plateanmeldelse: Morten Harket – «Brother»

Standout track: “Brother”, ‘one of his best solo singles’.

Adressa – – Dypt personlig

“I am very satisfied. I feel that there has been a special vibe and spirit throughout the process. The songs are deeply personal in the sense that there are observations of processes in myself, or other interpersonal relationships.” Morten says.

Ham & High – New song by A-ha frontman Morten Harket inspired by Lib Dem candidate Maajid Nawaz

Nawaz: “Few industries help to unite people more than music. I am deeply honoured therefore that Radical inspired Morten’s title-track Brother, and I hope his lyrics inspire others to come together, for likewise, he is a brother of mine.”

Social Media

Just a couple of Facebook posts from Morten’s recent PR for “Brother”.