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Rescheduled Paris and London dates!

We are happy to confirm that the shows in Paris and London have now been rescheduled!

Morten will perform at Olympia in Paris on July 5 and at Shepherds Bush Empire on July 7.

We were originally reluctant to confirm new dates before we knew for a fact that Morten’s throat is back in shape. This because we did not want to risk another cancellation and disappointing you all once more.

However, it looks like Morten’s voice is already well on its way to recovery.

Adding to the fact that the only date available for Olympia this year is July 5, we feel that it is the right choice to welcome this opportunity.

We apologize once again for all the inconvenience this has caused, and hope we can make it up to you in July.

This decision was made just now, so there may be some uncertainty about tickets, but we hope to work this out by tomorrow morning. Please hold on to your tickets for now and wait for instructions from the promoters and/or venues.