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September 14 & 15 – Oslo, Norway

Morten performed on his birthday at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway. Fans began queuing as early as 10:00am on the 13th, and there was an excited atmosphere leading up to the concert. Morten seemed very glad to be back on stage after a couple months’ break. And given that it was his birthday, the fans couldn’t let the occasion pass without an appropriate greeting:

Photo by Daniel G

Set List:

Burn Money Burn
I’m The One
Keep The Sun Away
Crying In The Rain
Out Of Blue Comes Green
Move To Memphis
Los Angeles
Wild Seed
When I Reached The Moon
We’re Looking For The Whales
Foot Of The Mountain

Send Me An Angel
Stay On These Roads
Spanish Steps

Lay Me Down Tonight
A Kind Of Christmas Card

Surprise cover of Steve Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’ by Dan Sunhordvik and Martin Halla (September 14 only)


September 14 –

September 15 –


Photo set by: Anne-Marie Forker and Samantha Carey

Were you there?

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