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The inspiration for ‘Brother’

Earlier today, Morten was interviewed on SWR1 Radio in Germany. Among other things, he discussed the creative beginnings of his new album ‘Brother’, and the experience working and writing songs with Peter Kvint.

“‘Brother’ was the first song we wrote, and it kind of set the tone for the rest of the album.”

When the music video for ‘Brother’ premiered last week, VG revealed that Morten was inspired to write the song after reading ‘Radical’, the biography of Maajid Nawaz, which discusses his upbringing as a young Muslim in England in the face of European, Western culture and politics, and his personal confrontation with fundamental values.

“‘Brother’ is a song about respectfulness, about respecting the integrity of each other, about diversity,” Morten says. “Life is all about diversity.”

Yesterday and today on Twitter, Maajid and Morten exchanged some messages about this, and we thought it would be good to share them with everyone:

Morten was very touched to read these messages, and this was his reply to Maajid:

Morten had more to say about ‘Radical’. “I recommend this book for everyone to read – in particular those of us who don’t wish to read it! It is current, it is bold, it is profound – it is about recognizing who we are. As I was about to finish reading the book myself, the song ‘Brother’ started to take form.”