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Lyrics for Morten’s two new songs

While on tour with AIDA Night of the Proms, Morten has been performing five songs in his set:

Foot Of The Mountain
Stay On These Roads
Did I Leave You Behind
There Is A Place
The Sun Always Shines On TV

Below are the lyrics for his two brand new songs, ‘There Is A Place’ and ‘Did I Leave You Behind’:

‘There Is A Place’

Baby, there is a place for you and me
Sooner or later we shall see
Through the tears we cry

And baby, our time has only just begun
We are different, we are one
What more do we need

There’s a silent world
Shining from afar
There’s a drop of life
Among the stars
That is where we humans are

Put your darker thoughts aside
Lay back in my arms tonight
Everything is right

And join me
All the things that we will see
Soon will turn to memories
We better stay awake
Every morning brakes

And, there’s a silent world
Shining from afar
Just a drop of life
Among the stars
That is where we humans are

‘Did I leave you behind’

I can see you in a new tomorrow
I can see you in a brighter light
Where you are going now I cannot
What I offer is the other side
Take your time now,
Just keep me in your memory

I know that waiting often takes a while

Did I leave you behind
If you are on my mind
If I’m losing at night
Every night
Will you leave me behind
Am I still on your mind
I’m falling from both ends
Of the line

Still I see you in a new beginning
Coming to me in a different light
I wouldn’t fight if there could be
no winning
But Darling, sometimes many things
are right
So Take your time now, carefully
Keep me in your memory

Sometimes waiting wants to take a while