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Media Highlights

Over the past few weeks, Morten has been promoting his new album ‘Out Of My Hands’ and preparing for his tour. Media coverage has been particularly heavy in Germany, where Morten spent several days doing more than 20 appearances and interviews.

Below is a collection of media links and reviews, some of which include short video or audio interview clips with Morten. Many thanks to Angela B. for her considerable help in putting this overview together, and to the many fans who have shared links and photos on Morten’s Facebook and on fan pages worldwide!


Promo clip – Album and Tour

March 27

Stuttgart – SWR1 Radio – Photos from the studio, audio clips

March 28

Frankfurt – HR3 Radio – Audio clip

Bad Vibel – HitRadio FFH

Ludwigshafen – HitRadio RPR1 – Studio photos, meet and greet photos, audio clips

March 29

Cologne – WDR2 Radio – Short article; see also Dusseldorf concert promo

March 30

Hamburg – NDR 2 Radio – Short article, song sample; see also contest winners and photos | short audio clip | interview

Hamburg – Bild Newspaper – Article and photos; see also video clip and short article

NDR/Ard Brisant – Short article and photos; see also this video clip from the television show: – Interview and photos

April 11

Interview with RTL: Part 1 | Part 2 – Interview

April 12

ARD-Morgenmagazin – Interview | ‘Scared of Heights’


Morten Harket sollte lieber Ameisen studieren

Interview with TV Total (video clip)


Radio Rur
WDR 4 – including short audio interview
My Cyber
Music Headquarter

Russia / Belarus

Promo clip – St. Petersburg concert

Ekaterinburg – RadioC
Belarus – Unistar


March 10

Dagbladet – “- Jeg er en sær faen”

TV2 – “Supergruppe hjalp Morten Harket med ny single” (with 4 minute video clip)

April 14

God Kveld Norge one hour TV special –” target=”_blank”>Morten Harket om stempelet: “De visste ikke hva de gjorde” (short article); see also “Morten Harket om sitt stempel som tåkefyrste” (video clip promo)

‘Mann uten band’

May 25

Morten Harket: – Jeg har aldri trent

United Kingdom

Morten Harket interview with Aled Jones on ‘Good Morning Sunday’

Morten Harket intviewed on BBC Breakfast

Morten Harket on The Evening Show on BBC Radio Wales

Album Reviews

VG | | Dagsavisen | | Dagbladet | | Klartale | | Bergensavisen | | Andressavisen

Examiner | | Music OMH

Media Clips On Youtube:

We will update this playlist on an ongoing basis throughout the tour.

We appreciate it when fans send us media tips and links. If you have any links to share, please e-mail them to us at Thank you!